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Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world and not a day goes by at The Eye Practice that we are not discussing it, looking for it or treating it.

It is one of the first things during our comprehensive eye examination that we try and put our patient's mind to rest over.

Q: So What is Glaucoma?

A: That is a massive question and in the context of a blog needs to be simplified. Glaucoma is the deterioration of the optic nerve, which transmits the electrical signal to the brain for processing into a visual image that we perceive.

Q: How does the Optic Nerve deteriorate?

A: It is felt that there are two pathways for optic nerve deterioration. The first being increased eye pressure (intraocular pressure) and secondly a compromised blood flow to the optic nerve.

See the following 4 videos for more detail:


Now that we have some basis to glaucoma in future posts we will discuss treatments tips, which will be both medical and natural, while sharing the latest information that is available. 

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