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 Man wearing ic!berlin glasses with a banana on his head,

ic! berlin

ic! berlin. Designed with Passion. ic! berlin
ic! berling glasses are designed with passion and engineered and crafted in Germany using the highest quality materials in Berlin. Tired of screws coming loose on your glasses, then ic! berlin is what you need.

ic! berlin is designed with an ingenious interlocking hinge, which holds frame and temples together with a removable clip. No glue, no screws, ic! berlin is pure design.

The face and founder of ic! berlin is Ralph Anderl,  who not only designs amazing eye wear, but describes himself as an artist, chef and singer. His love for the brand shines through in his design, and in his total involvement.

ic! berlin was born from a desire to create quality eye wear that people of all ages could enjoy. Unique in design. Handmade.  Always functional. Harmoniously balanced.

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